Tales from the High Stool w/ Padraig O’Coinn/ Brian Brannigan A Lazarus Soul

A very enjoyable interview I did a while back with Padraig O’Coinn for his Tales from the Tall Stool show on 2RRR in Australia.

My guest this week is Brian Branigan of A Lazarus Soul. Their 4th studio album ‘The D they put between the R and L’ was nominated for best Irish album of 2019. Brian was nicknamed Lazarus by his mother, told he wouldn’t survive at birth. He did, but had major surgery for a form of Spina bifida – only to have cancer in his teens, saved again by good fortune & surgery. This had a huge effect on a young mind & song writing became his coping mechanism, a way of figuring out the world. His songs became those of A Lazarus Soul & he is one of Ireland’s finest lyrical commentators. He writes songs on behalf of the dregs & the disenfranchised of Irish society; for the poor, the homeless, addicts, refugees; kids & mothers who wait at home while fathers shout drinks for strangers at the pub; Dubliners whose communities were broken & flats torn down as the inner city became gentrified. A fascinating interview & some amazing music!